Well, here we are

I’m so glad you found me.


Strange, huh? (Can we take our shoes off yet? Can someone get me a Diet Coke?)

Maybe this will start to feel like home. That’s the hope.

I wasn’t expecting Thursday to turn out like it did. I met with my boss, who said he wants momaha.com to take a different direction. Instead of the personal stories I’ve been sharing for the past many months, I’m now to focus on parenting topics of a more general nature.

I’m not allowed to write about my journey through divorce and single parenthood and falling in love again. I’m not allowed to write about making homemade applesauce and watching the little girl dance with apple peels draped around her neck. I’m not allowed to write about “Re-introducing Veronica Daehn” or about choosing happiness or about writing the message “Be brave” on my hand because that day it was the only way I could get through.

Nah. I’m not. And I spent much of Thursday and part of Friday feeling really sad about that. My boss was clear, though: No more “diary” entries. No more “fluff.”

I wasn’t prepared. I thought we were meeting to talk about traffic and profitability and a website redesign I’ve been trying to make happen for the past 11 months.

Instead, I was told the Mom Daily spot where I’ve been writing will now be used to highlight parenting topics and trends, stories of interest in the news … a much more general sort of thing.

I very much disagree with the decision.

But he’s the boss.


I’ll keep writing the more personal stuff here.

I’m so glad you found me. I hope you check back often.

And please, take off your shoes. Let’s share a Diet Coke.


33 thoughts on “Well, here we are

  1. WHAT???? Oh Veronica, that sucks. Your story is what keeps us reading. What makes you someone we want to know better. What gives you a sense that we are not alone. What keeps us from thinking that we are the only ones who have bad days, who hope in new things, who take joy in the simple things…you name it. I will look forward to continuing to get to know you both here and in “real life”, but I’m sorry something really special has to be shaken.


    • Gina, thank you for those kind words. They mean more than you know! I’ll still write, just like before. Just mark this website to visit, too, please!


  2. Glad to see you’re still writing. I’ve been in your shoes as far as reintroducing yourself, that was about 8 years ago, so I empathize. I wish I had kept up with my writing like you did. I let life get in the way too much I guess. Looking back on it, that’s one thing I should never have done. I do know that things get better and the crying eventually stops =) I’m in that place right now. The falling in love again place, and it’s absolutely amazing!! Getting married again next fall. On a Nebraska bye week though of course, in October. Never stop smiling! =)


    • Sarah, I saw on Facebook that you were engaged. CONGRATULATIONS! I’m looking forward to when that happens in my life, too, hopefully not too far down the road. Thanks for reading. I hope you’ll stop back often. And, hey, start writing again. šŸ™‚


  3. Face to the sun and we won’t see the shadows behind us. I am so proud of everything you are becoming and everything you are doing. I will make myself cozy here, and keep cheering you on from the sidelines. You are THE momaha mama, the creator, the original, you are the reason and the warmth that everyone checks in daily for. Fear not, we are all with you, and will continue to support you personally and professionally because you are that amazing and have connected all of us together.

    To every season turn, turn, turn, there is a reason, turn, turn, turn


      • Don’t cry unless they are tears of happiness because this is going to be so awesome, and such an opportunity for you to write whatever you want, thus taking one giant step closer toward all things wonderful (novels, love, excitement, warmth).

        I am so glad that you circumvented the system and found yet another venue to voice things that are important to you and to so many of us. I’m considering this a broadening of horizons.


  4. Huh. That doesn’t seem like a wise choice on their part, at all. Your pieces are one of my favorite things about Momaha. Frankly, there are eleventy seven thousand “Mom” sites out there, talking about trends and general parenting. Making it personal is what makes it count, and makes it interesting. I’m glad you’ve started your own blog! I’ll be following along!


    • Megan, thank you! And I’m sorry – I know we were talking about you writing for momaha. If you’re still interested, you should contact my former direct supervisor, Melissa, at melissa.matczak@owh.com. You could send her those two sample blogs you just sent to me. They were good (but warning: She’ll want them trimmed a bit). Good luck.


  5. I highly disagree with this bogus decision. I rarely comment but read this site daily. I dont know you but thru reading your POV, it gives me another persons perspective. Opening up, as you have, is what makes people establish a connection… Your writing style being eliminated from that site is a poor decision.

    A man has little to no business being in charge of a predominantly female audience, what skewed vision, IMO.

    Good job, Veronica. I will check back to this frequently!


  6. Doesnt seem like a wise choice on thier part. The personal stories and blogs are why I read Momaha… Without those it is just another site with information (tips, etc) that I can find anywhere.. Boo OWH.


  7. I empathize with you. You must have felt like you got kicked in the mouth! I can’t help but think this is a man that doesn’t “get” women. I love the chatty nature of the blog. I think your personal touch has made it what it is…warm and inviting. Everyone else writes about their life, so why can’t you? I love that you love your kids, and want to talk about them. I don’t want stats, and facts…I can get that on my own. I do know this…sometimes we get pushed (shoved in my case) in a direction for a reason that has yet to be revealed to us. Given time, we see why. Maybe you were meant to do this. Don’t get discouraged, I have lived 9 lives, and you will too! Do you want me to organize a Momaha sit-out…cause I can so do that…Lol! I know you don’t believe in God, but I do, and you are being brought along through every experience. Hugs.


  8. I hope you can see this gigantic hug that is embracing you via Facebook, this blog, your former employer’s forum — all over. You are loved. You are appreciated. Good things are coming for you.


    • Sarah T., if it wasn’t for friends like you – and, yes, all the other love I’ve felt tonight – this might feel insurmountable. But it doesn’t – at least not yet. Thank you, everyone.


  9. Veronica – I’m thinking about you today and wanted to share some words of wisdom I have found helpful over the years.

    “Keep your face toward the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you.” – Michael Whitman

    “If one advances confidnetly in the direction of his(her) dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he (she) has imagined, he (she) will meet with success unexpected in common hours.” – Henry David Thoreau

    You have an amazing circle of friends. Surround yourself and never hesitate to ask for help. (Remember, I wrote about it once on some blog. :-))
    We are here for you.


  10. Personal stories, isn’t that why people read blogs in the first place? I have been reading momaha almost since it launched. Obviously it is not very newsie, (certainly hope that wasn’t your intent). It’s a cluster of (mostly) mommy blogs which I believe are supposed to be entertaining. And most of them are. The ones I like best are the ones I can related to, or find amusing. Which is where your writing came in. I enjoyed your style so much that I began to follow you on your meowmusings site, and now here. Anyway, what I am getting at is good luck. You will do great, and this is a loss for momaha. Also, I do adore someone who is bold, and speaks her mind, and stands up for what she believes in even if it is not always popular.


    • BG, it’s not always fun to be the bold one who stands up for what she believes is right. But I can’t help it. I just hope I haven’t dug myself a hole I can’t get out of, if I’m being completely honest! Still. At the end of the day, I have to be OK with the choices I’ve made and believe in the work I do. I don’t think there’s any shame in that.

      Thank you so much for your support. I hope you’ll continue to follow me here.


  11. I am really sorry to hear about what has happened. After reading about your experience and realizing that we do not even have the opportunity to comment on today’s mom daily announcing your departure, I had to comment. Even though I do not know you personally, I felt like I knew you when I read your daily posts. Reading or listening to people share their personal stories is what so many of us want. We learn a lot about ourselves and can heal, grow, change from sharing our stories. I find it all so very disappointing and it leads me to believe that your boss is not in touch with what the momaha readers want. You have my support. šŸ™‚


    • Jen E, thank you! And why don’t we know each other personally? I would like to.

      I couldn’t have said it better – that we learn, grow, get better by hearing from others, by reading what others have gone through and how they responded. This whole blogging thing has transformed the way women think about themselves and each other.

      I’m happy to still be able to do it here. I hope you’ll continue to chime in! Thank you (to the moon) for your support.


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