You will survive them all

My dad had a mentor, long ago, who told him this:

“Michael, there will be four times in your life when you hit rock bottom. You will survive them all.

“But they come when you least expect them. And you have to be tough to get through.”

My dad has told me about his mentor’s words before, but he told me again yesterday, and this time I really knew. He was right.

The days since I parted ways with my former employer have been a whirlwind of up and down, a pinwheel of emotions. One moment, I’m fine, laughing so hard I’m crying with my boyfriend, another moment, I’m in tears of grief. Quick tears because I’m choosing to be brave (right, brave girls?), but they come nonetheless.

My kids have been rock stars. And I’ve been strong for them. “Don’t worry. This is grown-up stuff Mommy’s dealing with. It will all be fine.”

Yet, they know. They’re so intuitive. Each of the last couple days, my daughter has said, “Are you sad, Mom?”

I swallow the lump that brings to my throat and happily say, “No, I’m not! Are you, baby?”

She smiles and says no and then we go about our little lives.

I had lunch with two dear friends today, and we sort of just looked at each other a few times in silence as if to say, “Well, what now?”

None of us know.

But it sure helps to know we’re not alone. It sure helps to know there are people who love us, pulling for us. My challenge is to try to ignore the other stuff, even not pay attention, but that’s tough.

Still. It’s a nice thought.

Time to get the little man from school. Time to put some smiles on our faces.

Time to be brave.


8 thoughts on “You will survive them all

  1. Ok, I know I’m a little (or a lot) behind and I’m sorry!!! I am shocked to read about what has happened!! I have only met you once while setting up mom prom last year, but just that brief meeting allowed me to see how much you inspire others and how momaha was made great in part because of you being transparent with us!!! You didn’t give a ‘fake’ perfect life and make the rest of us as mothers feel like failures!!!! Thank you for that!! And you will be in my thoughts and prayers!!!


    • NaTasha, I really enjoyed meeting you last spring while setting up for Mom Prom! Thanks so much for popping in here with your thoughtful, kind words. Very clearly my life is not perfect. Faaaaaaar from it! This mess is just another example. But, like I’ve always said, onward and upward. It’s the only way to go. I’m grateful for your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.


  2. Another tough day for you, sweetheart. I’m so sorry. Tell me how I can help? I’ve been remembering a song from one of your favorite musicals as a little girl… The sun’ll come out tomorrow…
    Keep the Faith!


    • You know, I bought “Annie” on a clearance rack last year. It was $3 or something and I thought, “How can I not own this?” Maybe I’ll watch it tonight. Thanks for your support and love, Mom.


  3. Hang in there! You will get through this..its another chapter of your lifethats closing and it does suck. BUT a new chapter will start, new doors will open. Why? Because someone would be very dumb to not hire you. You are an inspiration and you do wear your heart on your sleeve like I do. There is nothing wrong with that though. We let others learn from our experiences and we are open to learning from other peoples experiences. I have learned some people are not comfortable with it..and I think its because they are not comfortable or happy with themselves or with their life. **Don’t Worry be Happy** =0)


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