Buttons keep falling off

I spent all morning in a red jacket.

A pea coat actually that I bought at a thrift store last month. One button is missing, another is close to falling off.

I wore it, though, because it looks professional (well, if you overlook the button thing) and it’s my style. When I have a style.

I wanted to look nice today because I was going to get things done.

I met with a Realtor first. It was chilly in the conference room, so I left the coat on. Green thrift-store scarf, too.

She didn’t have good news. Long story short: I’d have to bring more money to the table to close when (IF) my house sells than I have saved up now. That’s before I have to tap into that savings to pay for things like, oh, I don’t know, FOOD for my kids.

Other options involve words like “short sale” and “foreclosure” and “deed in lieu of foreclosure.”

All those options fuck my credit. (Can’t say that word on momaha!).

So. I’m trying to figure it all out.

Next, I went to the Sprint store to get a new phone. I charmed my way into a free phone and being added to a family member’s plan without changing my number, even though that plan is out of state. I’m learning that if I just ask nicely and be genuine, it at least helps.

The red coat and scarf might have, too.

Finally, I drove downtown. I pulled into the parking lot of a place I’d like to work.

I sat there. I texted my boyfriend: “I’m (here), trying to convince myself to go in!”

Just do it, he said. And I knew he was right. So I did.

This place’s favorite color is red. Cue the jacket.

The CEO wasn’t available (yes, I really did walk in and just ask for her. Ha. What do I have to lose?), but I chatted up the intern. We both went to UNL, yes he likes working there, what did I do? Oh, well … I have a blog!

He said he’d tell her I stopped in. I went home and followed up with a voice mail. Hoping it wasn’t overkill. But what do I know?

Planning to make chili for dinner. Planning to put that red coat back on in a few minutes to go get the kids. Planning to fix the buttons tonight, with an old-school needle and thread.

Planning to piece this life back together in a similar sort of fashion.


35 thoughts on “Buttons keep falling off

  1. We made chili today too. No red coats or CEO visits, however. Keep getting up and moving forward. You are an awesome woman and will see great things!


  2. In this day and age you have to go after what you want, aggressively. I admire your follow-thru. Keep it up and be persistent. Something will open up.


  3. Yep..nothing wrong with grabbing the bull by the horns…and your right what have you got to lose? You really have more to gain. Good for you! Sorry about the house sitution and everything..hopeful it will all turn out ok for you.


  4. Love a red coat..I have two. Yes, great attitude…what have you got to lose?? Start reconnecting with old contacts, and making new contacts. It takes time…it’s not a sprint. Once you decide you are the kind of person that can get through any situation…you do. Call your lender!


    • Stopped in to the lender today, Lisa, too, but he wasn’t there. Left him a message late this afternoon. I’ll see what they say. Thanks for everything today.


  5. Use upholstery thread for the buttons. They’ll stay on forever.

    Get some red note cards. Use them for job followups. My husband had a burnt orange dress shirt (with a lime green & orange striped tie) he wore to interviews. Orange note cards. Everyone remembered him.


  6. It’s a chile sort of day, I had homemade chile for lunch today too.

    I love you red coat. Not only a great color, but the style is GREAT and you got it at a thrift store. Upcycle it! Keep up real and good luck.


    • Haha, Jamie, no, I bet they don’t get that everyday. Sheesh… sometimes, I don’t know about me. But if you don’t ask, you might miss out, right? I’m going with that … 🙂 Thanks so much for reading and commenting here! I appreciate all of you more than you know.


  7. Great post! Great writing! You always make me feel like I’m right there with you. Way to hold it all together and be brave! I’m sure I couldn’t do that. With so many good people and positive energy flowing your way great things have to be just around the bend! Hang in there and hang on to that house for now!


    • I’m not doing anything yet with the house, Mom. Don’t worry. I was just exploring options!

      And, yes, I’m hanging in there. No other choice really.


  8. Everyone is commenting on the coat and of course I am going to comment on the yucky crap with the house. If you want, my husband and I have been through the options you have talked about–deed in lieu, foreclosure, credit wiped out, bankruptcy . . .. the works. We have written every letter and talked to every person known to man on our house situation and credit and blah blah blah. You get the picture. Anyway, if you would like, we have met with our friends and guided them through this process and budgeting and everything else to just give them a foothold on the situation. We had some very nice people, random, do this for us to help us out. We feel it is part of our duty as decent human beings to pay it forward and help others that we know in this situation. We can’t necessarily solve the problem, but we can give you a lot of details of each option. Just putting it out there for ya. I am sure you got others you are close too that could do this for you too!


    • Emily, how amazingly sweet of you to offer to help me through this!

      I think I’m a little ahead of myself here … I’m not behind on any bills yet. I’m going to continue hoping for the best for now and seeing what I can put together.

      I’ll definitely keep you in mind, though, if things get worse … Thanks again!


  9. I am sure that you have already done this, but you should file for unemployment benefits. A big misconception is that unemployment is welfare – it is not – it is insurance for if you lose your job. You have paid in to unemployment the entire time that you were working and you are entitled to it. Check out the state of NE department of labor website for more info. Unemployment is not a huge chunk and by no means enough to live on for a long period of time, but it is a nice supplement to help thru the tough times. I, too, was blindsided by an unjust firing from a professional job. That was almost three years ago for me, and everything has turned out for the better, but I know how this feels.


    • Rachel, yes, I filed last weekend and checked in on it today. Website says my application is still being processed. You’re right that it’s not much money, but it would help. Thanks for your support!


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