Even if it’s just an idea

This chili pot is never-ending.


I’ve been eating out of it for two days. Lunch and dinner.

I’m thinking this was a smart plan. (Though I’m not sure I can do chili for dinner tonight. Everyone has their max. I might be at mine).

I used about six cans of vegetables (at 68 cents apiece, that’s cheap, even for a girl with no job!) and some fresh carrots, onion and green pepper I had in the fridge. I put that in the thrift-store Crock Pot, added some seasoning I had in the pantry and then just turned the thing on.

And left it. Voila. Dinner. Times, like, four. At least.

I feel sort of weird about this, though. This whole I’m-just-going-to-eat-the-same-thing-because-it’s-here-and-hot-and-already-prepared mentality. And I’ve thought, “Am I using too much electricity by having this thing on for, I don’t know, basically two going on three days straight?”

I don’t know.

But – like so many other things in this life – it is what it is. And the idea of a pot of food being bottomless is, well, nice.

It’s comforting.

Unending nourishment, right there in an old Crock Pot on my kitchen counter.

I like it.

Even if it’s just an idea.


8 thoughts on “Even if it’s just an idea

  1. Im sitting here at a wedding reception waiting for the bridal party to arrive. I shouldn’t be reading this. But I did. It’s okay, there’s still time.

    I wish everyone felt there was a bottomless bowl of warmth, unending nourishment from themselves, their family and the people they seek it from.

    Not enough of that around, I say. *shakes head* sadly, just not enough.

    Enjoy yours. It’s beautiful.


  2. Wonderful idea! Most importantly, may love and compassion in this world be never-ending for humans and our animal friends. Can we have a pot of that?


    • Mom, I wish we could. But maybe we can all cultivate that, or at least keep that idea in our hearts.

      Chris, it is comforting, right? Maybe that’s why I made it.


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