Some of that magic

Remember when we were little and all we had to worry about was what Mom was making for lunch? Or if the friend across the street would be able to play (and, if she could, if her grandma would let us have a snack midway through)?

Remember what it felt like to have summer vacation? To have entire days at your fingertips to do with what you wanted. To ride your banana seat bike to the pool, swimsuit already on, towel draped around your neck and swim pass safety-pinned to your towel. To stay all afternoon, ride home for dinner and go back that evening if you wanted.

Remember sleepovers with your best friend more than once a week? Remember pitching a tent outside? Remember stiff as a board, light as a feather and actually thinking it worked?

Remember playing basketball in the driveway? Remember standing out there practicing your jumpshot and your drive and your left-handed layups in the chill of November because it was fun, not because you had to?

Remember Cheetos in front of the TV? Remember “Little House on the Prairie” and “Today’s Special” and tuna-fish sandwiches before afternoon-only kindergarten?

Remember Christmas when all you had to do was show up and hope you got that one special gift? Remember how much you loved that Cabbage Patch doll with the red-yarned pigtail hair? Remember you named her Matilda Daphne? Remember your bff named hers Kelly Dorkas (remember how you laughed at the name Dorkas)?

Remember Tiffany and Debbie and Jordan and Joe and Donnie? (How could we forget?!)

Remember chasing boys at recess?

Remember Friday nights and birthday parties at Skate City? Remember the number game and couple skating and the limbo on roller skates?

Remember Saturday afternoons at the Y?

Remember trusting your parents had it all figured out? Remember not feeling tired all the time? Remember not worrying about whether you were overeating or if what you put in your mouth was going to make you fat? Remember not having to pay bills?

Remember not worrying about what friends you’d still have tomorrow, if all you had to offer them was friendship?

Remember not waking up with your daughter three or four (or five!) times a night because she’s cold or has to go potty or really just wants her mom?

Remember not spending so much time on a computer?

Remember not having to make dinner every. single. night?

I do. I totally do. And really? It doesn’t seem like that long ago.

I had coffee with a woman today who at 11 years old decided she wanted to work for the Nelson twins.

And when she got her masters degree several years ago, she hired the blonde-haired brothers to play at her party.

Today? She freaking works for them.

That sounds like a fun way to be a grown-up.

And isn’t that the sort of thing we should all strive for? Finding that thing we loved when we were kids and figuring out a way to still get to love it, to still get a piece of that pie.

To still feel at least some of the magic of childhood. Even when we’re all grown-up?

I think so.

Here’s a song that makes me happy.


6 thoughts on “Some of that magic

    • Wouldn’t it? Someday, though, our kids will be grown and we’ll yearn for the days they were running rampant around the house, messing up our piles of folded laundry and crying for us in the middle of the night. I think we’ll miss it like we’ve missed nothing else, ever.


  1. Don’t! You are making me cry!

    First– I am so thankful that ‘Girl’ (at heart) is my close friend. She has helped me more thick and thin than anyone I know. And you know the first thing she says when you are having a rough time? “What can I do to help?” I am wanting to tear up. And I learn to do that thanks to her!

    Second- I remember when I could hardly make our bills, my husband was unemployed, I couldn’t find a job in my degree, and I was working two jobs. I would ALWAYS think to myself — remember when the worse part of your day was that your ball went down the gutter? I want to go back to those days!


  2. I loved playing basketball in the driveway. I would even have friends come over and we would play pick-up games, typically boys against girls. Those were the days! It is funny because a few days ago we were driving in a new area and I mentioned to my husband that in Norfolk there were more people with basketball hoops in their driveways versus here in Omaha it is a rare item. I wonder why that is? We currently do not have one but, our next house will!


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