Goodness gracious

On the gratitude list I have in my head:

– Healthy, happy, spunky, smart, beautiful children who truly make my world go round.

– An amazingly kind, wise, talented, funny, handsome, caring, tender-hearted, patient, loyal man who lets me love him and loves me right back.

– True friends to laugh and cry (and drink wine) with: Kate Anderson, Katie Phillips, Chris Johnson, Melissa Cruickshank, Sarah Tucker, Mara Rasure, Jeannine Purser, Jenny Strohbehn, Kim Moeller, Melissa Young, Kitty O’Kane, Michaela Saunders, Grant Mussman … there are more. I am lucky.

– Parents who love me and my babies. Ex-in-laws and someday in-laws who love us, too. My sisters and my brother.

– Music and running and good stories and good writing. And love and emotion and all the good that comes with that. Mountains and lakes and being outside. All the things that make us feel alive.

Truly, things are worth fighting for.

Worth smiling about.

Worth breathing a little deeper, savoring a little more.

Thank you.


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