Mom Saves Money: Where to find coupons

Love that this picture is so ridiculous. "Look at all my coupons and how happy they make me and my boobs!"

Working in the newspaper industry for as long as I did, I heard from people on both sides.

There are those who get the Sunday paper only for the ads.

Then there are those who don’t get the Sunday paper because they don’t want to deal with all those ads.

(I’ve always sort of thought anyone who didn’t subscribe to the paper simply because they couldn’t stick the pile of ads in the recycling bin was a bit, well, silly. But what do I know?)

As it turns out, though, the Sunday paper is only one spot to find deals.

Nicole McDonald’s ( Monday guest posts continue today with where to find coupons outside of the newspaper.


Nicole McDonald,

Top 10 most unique places to find coupons:

  1. Wine tags – Check the liquor aisle for coupons hanging from bottles of wine. I’ve found coupons for meat, cheese, flour and produce and most with no alcohol purchase required.
  2. Magazines – Most magazines have coupons. All You magazine, available only at Wal-mart, regularly has more than $50 in coupons in every issue. Other magazines may have two or three coupons or a discount to a major clothing retailer.
  3. The doctor’s office– Next time you visit your doctor, peruse their literature. Often, you can find coupons for lotions, medicines, formula and even diapers. Some offices will give away recent magazines and those may include coupons. I’ve even scored a few All You magazines from my pediatrician.
  4. Birthdays – Many stores and restaurants will issue coupons for free items on your birthday. Just sign up for their birthday club online and wait for emails and mail to arrive a few weeks before your birthday. I get a free Starbucks drink every year in the mail and each of my kids gets a free $3 Toys R’ Us gift card for their birthday.
  5. Facebook and Twitter – Follow your favorite brands online and often they will issue coupons or freebies to followers.
  6. Ebay – It’s true: ebay has everything, including coupons. Technically, the coupons are free (since selling them is illegal) and you are paying for the seller’s time to clip them. Just make sure you are buying a legit coupon if you buy on ebay. If it looks like it might be photocopied, steer clear.
  7. Convenience stores – Check the cooler section for high value drink and candy coupons.
  8. Product packaging – Always double check the inside of the box or wrapper for a coupon. Frozen foods sometimes have a coupon in a small plastic bag and cereal boxes have the coupons printed directly on the cardboard box. I’ve been known to buy boxes of cereal, of course, with a coupon, just to get the coupons that come with it.
  9. Free samples – There are lots of free samples available online and many of them come with high value coupons. If it’s a new product, you can often match the coupon with a sale promotion and get a full-size item for free.
  10. Sampling programs – Companies want you to try their new products and will send you coupons for free products through their sampling programs., and are all companies that work with brand-name products.

What other unusual places have you found coupons?

(Learn how to coupon and more at Nicole’s next coupon class this Wednesday, Nov. 30. Full details and sign up here.)

Nicole McDonald writes about freebies, coupons, deals and product reviews and hosts giveaways at


10 thoughts on “Mom Saves Money: Where to find coupons

  1. I’d visited Momaha a few times recently and wondered where the heck you’d gone. I’m so sorry about what happened to you and am really glad you’re blogging here instead. I didn’t enjoy most of the Momaha columnists, but I kept visiting the site to read your work, which was always truthful, interesting and different from anything I’d read on other mom blogs (so many of which rehash the same topics and use negativity to present the “truth” about motherhood).

    I liked your OWH work, but I enjoy your candor here even more. A voice like yours is too strong for a newspaper — and I mean that as a high compliment!


  2. If you’re a Sbux fan like I am, you can go into most any Sbux on Sundays and dig through the ‘recycled’ paper bin to find the Sunday papers that people have bought and thrown away, which usually includes the coupons. Not only do you get one coupon, but you usually can get a couple of the same coupons. Some might say you’re spending $3 on a latte to get a coupon…but I was gonna spend $3 on that latte anyway, so it’s bonus coupons for me 🙂


  3. Oh my! I really had a good laugh at the photo caption. I was kind of thinking the same thing!

    I like the idea of sampling programs. I’m going to look into those.

    Thanks V!


  4. Nicole, you really are a wiz. I like the Sunday ads because it is like shoping without going to the store.
    My biggest problem with coupons is that I can never find them when I want them or I have left them at home when I make an unexpected stop at the store. No doubt you can save money, but it does take work, and planning.


    • Thanks! Yes, planning is essential to long-term coupon success. I use a meal plan and only grocery shop once every 10 days. I save 50% consistently on my bill and spend about 2-3 hours a week perusing ads and organizing my coupons. But, even if you use coupons some of the time, you are keeping your hard-earned money in your pocket.


  5. There’s a website I just found called where you can go to “clip” coupons from your computer or your cellphone. You can look up any grocery stores in your area that have savings cards and then virtually “clip” coupons and enter in your savings card number and the discount will automatically show up on the register when they swipe your savings card at the store.


    • Yes, that site is awesome and really quick and easy to use. Another site like cellfire is SavingStar. Also, if you shop at Baker’s you can also load coupons onto your card and they are deducted automatically at the register when they scan your card. Target has mobile coupons available as well. Lots of options for clip-free couponing!


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