Cherry trees and front-porch surprises

I went out to get the mail yesterday and wedged in between the two front doors were the first presents of the season.

I was surprised and excited.

Though I’d ordered them separately, they’d arrived the same day. You can imagine how much I loved this.

I picked up the two frozen boxes and quickly brought them inside. I fetched scissors from the cupboard and sliced them open.

Yeah. Even better than what I’d imagined. I took the items out, turned them over, felt their weight in my hands, hoped the person I got them for would like them as much as I think he/she will. And then I carefully put them back.

I racked my brain for where to hide gifts in this new house. The first Christmas here means the first time hiding presents beforehand. I finally found a spot but left the gifts in their cardboard wrappers just in case.

It feels good to have two (I hope) perfect presents stashed away. Christmas is coming soon! I don’t know how many more gifts I’ll be able to hide, but I’m keeping it simple this year. I’m trying to truly think about what the people who matter most might like.

And if I can make it or bake it or write it, even better!

How about you? Do you go all out with gifts? Are you close to being done with Christmas-gift shopping/making/ordering? Best homemade gift you’ve ever received?


One nice first-time-homebuying couple checked out my house last weekend in the smack dab middle of that snowstorm. They called it “clean!” and “darling!” and “charming!” … and a tad too small.


The search for new owners continues. Please continue to spread the word. Link to my beautiful house: here.


Things are happening on the job front. Too soon to say anything, but my self esteem has at least been restored the past few days. If it goes nowhere but there, I’m grateful.


I’m in love with this song.

I wish there was a video, but as much as I willed one to exist on YouTube just now, I’m afraid it does not.

Listen anyway.

Little Black Stereo – “Cherry Tree.”

Happy Wednesday!


6 thoughts on “Cherry trees and front-porch surprises

  1. Veronica- I always LOVE your writing! You have a wonderful gift with words and every time I read one of your stories I enjoy it. I also received a few boxes with Christmas gifts on my front porch today and had to find a place to stash them, which got me to thinking…my kids REALLY need to get rid of at least 20 toys each to make room for the new ones! Thanks for the story…it made my day!


  2. It is fun to get packages on your door step even if you ordered them. I have a couple of friends that I mail gifts to, and I always like the idea that they are getting a delivery. I haven’t Christmas shopped yet, Maybe next week. I have baked gifts before, but people don’t seem to really get all that excited about it, so I don’t do that anymore. I like homemade gifts, and really appreciate the effort that goes into that. When I get stressed I buy gift cards because I always think at least people will like it. I am a horrible gift-giver, and have given some big duds. I would like a personal shopper! Oh, one gift that is an inexpensive winner: Frame a long lost photo of someone…they will love it.


  3. Ive gotten all my shopping done, (did it on black Friday) but I love the homemade gifts the most. I always do something special for my parents and add at least one holiday memory for my son each year.


    • Right?! I think I could listen to Little Black Stereo all the time. If I had a soundtrack to my life (think movie scenes), I’d take this “Cherry Tree” song into serious consideration.


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