Where the happily ever after begins

So sometimes that dark cloud just disappears.

You know the one? That low-lying thunder cloud that for so long just seemed to hang around, out there on your horizon, dirtying up the view?

That one that even when it gave way to the sun every now and then always came back. Same spot. Just sort of there, in the way of all that sun, all those rainbows, all that everything else.

Well. It’s gone.

Maybe I just had to wait long enough. Maybe I had to try hard enough. Maybe I simply had to let my life unfold as it should.

Either way.

That cloud’s been replaced.

I got a job.

A really exciting job in a really amazing place doing what I want to be doing: Writing, editing, managing. I start in two weeks.

Much more important than that, though: I’m getting married. This weekend. To the most wonderful man I’ve ever met.

To my best friend, my best time, my true love, my rock, my world.

I am so happy. As my sister said online today, life is good.



14 thoughts on “Where the happily ever after begins

  1. I am so happy for you and Kyle! You guys are so adorable together! And he still reminds me of my nephew— it truly is not an insult! hahaha!


  2. I know we don’t know each other well, but it there’s one thing I do know, it’s the family you’ve become such an important part of. Falling in love with a man, as great as an H. boy is an incredible feeling, as you know. Nothing comes close to the love he gives you, except that of the love of his family. I’m sure you know that too. I just wanted to say, that we’re as lucky as you, it not more, to know you and your beautiful seedlings. I’m excited to get to know you three better in years to come, near or far.


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