We talked about what’s next


The HR girl and I walked across the street for coffee this morning. We each got dark roast and poured in our own cream from the coolest mason-jar-with-a-blue-lid ever.

It was my exit interview. And it was a beautiful morning.

We sat outside, on a bench at the library. We talked about shoes and home and volleyball and work.

And humanity. People. Kindness.

Fulfilling work. Meaningful relationships. Supervisors and mentors we would do anything for.

We talked about life insurance and Cobra and unused vacation days.

We talked about what’s next.

For me, it’s a new job, a new career. Similar work but different. Work that reaches closer into my chest, into my heart, than public relations ever did. I’ll be writing once again.


The word alone makes me happy. The words I’ll get to use! The letters my mind will string together! The words. The words. The words.

I’ll get paid to write again. I cannot even.

I’ll be doing social media, too, and editing (EDITING!!). I’ll be in charge of a glossy, beautiful magazine. I’ll hire the writers, and I’ll edit and I’ll write and I’ll work with talented designers to make our words and art and stories look beautiful.

And? And I’ll be part of a team. I will no longer spend my days as a communications office of one. I’m joining a team of like-minded professionals. We will work TOGETHER.

Oh, and this team? Those words? They’ll be on a college campus, a place of ideas and growth and creativity and choices and youth and WORDS! (And a kick-ass rec center with yoga taught by my favorite!).

And this is why, all of this is why, I chose to leave my comfortable salary and my fairly comfortable job. It’s why I chose to take a chance, to jump once again.

Because, in the end, it’s not all about money or security or familiarity. It’s about heart – your heart. We should all listen to it more. It knows you, more than anyone. More than your babies (who are walking pieces of it), more than your spouse. What goes on in your heart is magic. It is truth.

Mine sings loudly now, excited about the new adventure.


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