All those things we seek

And just like that, the snow that blanketed our lawn, our roof, our trees for the past couple weeks is gone.

A little rain and a little mercury rising did away with all that white stuff.

This boy is sad.

Just like his mom as a kid, he LOVES playing in the snow.

Some of my favorite memories are of Wisconsin winters in our backyard, building snow forts and snowmen with my dad, my cheeks turning pink and my fingers frozen.

There was just something about snow, despite its cold, that invited that feeling of magic, of possibility, of creation and of shelter.

All those things we seek as adults.

Reminds me that even as grown-ups, we’re not that far removed from childhood.

I assured my son snow will come again.

6 thoughts on “All those things we seek

  1. We need to do some major pow wow snow dancing to invoke the snow gods to make it snow big time before Christmas! When it looks like March outside it is hard to get in the Xmas groove!!!

    • Ps- that’s what I do with my kids when I see that we have some major snow on our way – dress them up, we play happy music, and dance around pow wow style to bring on the snow. They totally think that they are the reason they snow comes….I also told them it doesn’t work unless we all do the dancing together so they’re not crest fallen if they want a snow day and try it on their own :)

  2. I’m kind of bummed that the snow melted. We are having professional pics taken @ our house tomorrow (it’s our 1st Xmas in this new house)…and I was envisioning some of our pics in the snow… Alas, we will remain indoors!

    Good post!

  3. I love simple happiness like playing in the snow. I use to put my kids on a sled together and pull them around our cul de sac. So much fun. Miss that.

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