Freebie Friday #4: Gorgeous red scarf!

The rockstar boyfriend and I went to my oldest baby’s Christmas program at school yesterday.

I loved it. From the (really terrible, honestly) strings to the so-so stories to the I-really-liked-it singing, it was two hours of standing up in the back of an elementary school gym that were really enjoyable.


The nostalgia was almost surreal. Watching those kids file onto the aluminum bleachers and take their spots, eyes trained on their music teacher down front, brought me back to to all those days I did the exact same thing.

“I loved this sort of thing in school,” I told the rockstar.

His feelings were about the exact opposite. Yes, he’s now a musician who performs, regularly, in front of people. I don’t know either.

Anyway, one of the classes even sang a song I had sung way back when. “There’ll be no school tomorrow, no school tomorrow, no school tomorrow if it snows!”

Loved that song.

And my son sang one about music making the world go round and another class sang one about a melody living within each of us.

Loved it all.

I had my red coat on, and at one point I looked around the gym at the other parents. Do you know how many other red-coated women I saw?


So today, in honor of the Red Coat Society of Women, you can win a red … scarf. (Best I could do!).

But it’s awesome. Handmade by Kelsey Heyen of Handcrafted Hats by Kelsey, it will undoubtedly help you survive this cold, snowy winter.

Kelsey also makes hats and headbands, for newborns to adults. See more of her work on her Facebook page here.┬áSee the actual scarf I’m giving away on my Facebook page here.

Enter to win by leaving a comment on this post. Winner will be drawn at random Monday morning. Good luck!

And here’s to finding that song within us all.


The camera angle and quality of this video is perfect for reminding you exactly what it’s like to be at a school Christmas program:

No School Tomorrow if it Snows