It’s true

Being homeless isn’t so bad.

We’re not really homeless, of course. We’re living with family. We have our own space. We have really nice people surrounding us.

It sort of feels like home.

It’s been a week since we moved out of the pretty yellow house in Dundee. Leaving was hard. I haven’t cried as hard as I did pulling out of the driveway for the last time in quite a while.

But you know what? Now? I don’t really miss it.

Life is funny like that.

It feels good being done with that chapter actually. It feels good not having to worry about the monthly mortgage payment or the utilities or how to make the grass look green again come summer or what to do if the furnace goes out or shoveling that long driveway or changing the battery in the fire alarm so it will shut up or … any of those things that come with being a homeowner.

I do hope we have a home again someday, though. One we pick out together. One where maybe we can stay a while, maybe a long time. I like that idea.

One of the last things I packed up was a small framed picture that hung in my bathroom. It’s an abstract drawing of two people in bright colors. Beneath them, it says: “They came to sit and dangle their feet off the edge of the world. And after awhile, they forgot everything but the good and true things they would do someday.”

I’ve loved this for a long time.

To me, this message is hope of a better tomorrow, of the power of dreams, of the beauty of being together. It’s a message of simplicity. It reminds me to slow down and remember what’s important, what’s possible. What’s true.

It’s in our new, borrowed bathroom now. And it fits just fine here, too. In our new, borrowed home.


On Christmas Eve, right after he proposed, my fiance gave me a couple records (“There’s more?!” I said). One was Ray LaMontagne. If you haven’t heard him, go and listen.

Start with this song:

“Trouble” by Ray LaMontagne

11 thoughts on “It’s true

  1. I loooove story people and have those “crazy” prints all over my house…including the one you quoted. Good luck in the weeks ahead.

    • Yes, Story People is amazing. Do you have the one that goes something like “I sometimes wake in the early morning and listen to the soft breathing of my children and I think to myself, this is one thing I will never regret and I carry that quiet with me all day long” ? Love that one, too.

  2. Okay this is amazing and WONDERFUL!!!!!!! Places, things, stuff….are all just that. I picture rainbows and happiness shooting out of your fingertips with the fabulous little people you are raising, and rockstar love muffin surrounding you.

    You will continue to fill whatever spaces you occupy with marvelous, warm, fun memories. Fifty years from now you will be cuddled up on a couch, with your amazing HUSBAND, in your home that you built together, talking about all these days we are going through, and laughing until you cry :)

    You are such a gracious, strong, smart, kind soul. Here’s to all things good and happy in your world!!!! <3

  3. One should always surround themselves with things and people that inspire them and give them hope. I love to look up quotes.
    Now aren’t you glad you didn’t have to shovel this weekend…that was some snow fall!
    There is no question the chips will fall into place..the job, the marriage, the next house, the next baby…they are doing it right now before our eyes!!

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