New beginnings

In 24 days, my pretty yellow house will belong to someone else.

It sold.

On the market for 32 days – over the holidays – my two-bedroom Dundee house sold last week. We close on Feb. 1.

I’m excited and relieved and happy … and sad and melancholy and overwhelmed.

I haven’t packed a single thing. The Christmas tree is still up. The toys and gifts we all got are seemingly everywhere.

And, once again, I feel like I own way too much stuff. The urge to purge is running strong. (But can I really get rid of those boxes of childhood school papers? And high school cross country medals? And college newspaper articles? And what about my diplomas; what in the world does anybody do with those?)

Anyway, to storage it all goes (anyone have a good storage place to recommend?), while the kids and I stay with family for a few months.

Let the packing begin.


What I really want to be doing is thinking about the wedding.

I bought a Martha Stewart Weddings magazine the other day, though nothing in there is what I want. Seriously: Every dress pictured was huge and over-the-top and at least $4,000.

Same goes for most of the decorations and other ideas.

Our celebration will be simple. And beautiful. And perfect.

I can hardly wait.

It’s set for the evening of April 7. That’s only three months from tomorrow.

But it seems like forever. 

I’m excited about the small, intimate, backyard ceremony we’re planning. And, most importantly, about the real-life happily ever after we’ll all finally get to live, every day after that.


A song for today. It’s about a relationship ending, but it’s pretty anyway. And it somehow ties in with new beginnings.

“Country Clutter” by Delorean

25 thoughts on “New beginnings

  1. It will all come. And there is no need to rush it right now, enjoy the now…and I am so happy the prayers of selling the house were answered so quickly for you!

    Seriously, what do we do with all those childhood mementos? They sit in boxes, taking up space…but why can’t we throw them away?

    Oh, and I know a great cake decorator who does small cakes. ;)

  2. Rock ‘n Roll Bride on facebook (also has her own website) has some super fun and relatively simple wedding ideas! 2012 year of awesomeness <3

    • YES YES YES To Megan Hunt! Amazing, sweet, extremely talented, and LOCAL <3 Princess Lasertron is phenomenal and you would have your bouquet forever and ever

  3. We aren’t moving but we JUST took our tree down! I was happy to see it go since we put it up in October for Norman Rockwell photos! (Wooo! Which reminds me we need to do a Freebie Friday Spring Session!)

    Anyway! I am the same about purging this year. I feel like we have SO much little things. My husband and I have been sorting and tossing stuff and I don’t even feel like we have REALLY gotten near the bottom of it!

    Is Wahoo Bridal shop still open? My sister got her dress there. They were all around 100 dollars. She also bought a evening gown for the reception on ebay. It so much more fun shop than (cough) main stream bridal shops.

    I have this gene from my dad that I love to plan weddings. We should start a company! Anyway let me know if you need inexpensive ideas. ;) I know your daydream of a wedding will be amazing!

  4. Here is my best advice when purging and downsizing and feng shui-ing etc. So, when you have sentimental stuff, just take a picture of it and save that. Then you can let go of the original without the huge sense of loss or guilt. Did it with my ton of medals, awards, trophies when I competed in piano and I traded 5 boxes of stuff for pictures on a memory card. You know what? That same feeling and memories came back just looking at it. Other than that, I got nadda on the storage space. We used the cheapest public place we could find when we have moved over the years, and they are always just fine.

    Oh yeah, congrats too on the house, the move, and the man. :)

  5. Pinterest has a lot of fun free/affordable wedding decorations. I love the tissue paper poms! You are creative, so I’m sure you will make it beautiful. Blessings and joy to you Veronica. I hope 2012 is your best year yet.

  6. Start with the tree and start packing up your past with it. I know how you love to purge but I think you should keep special mementos of your childhood and special memories. 20 yrs from now you will enjoy finding them again and reliving your past. Just like looking thru my jewrlry box was for me. Keep a special treasure box.

  7. I felt the same thing when I sold my house. And, I just took down my tree today and I have no excuses. :)

    You’re going to be a Mrs. in 3 months! That’s so incredible.

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