The pretty yellow house

When I got to be a grown-up, I started thinking about things like houses and decorating them and what kind of floors they should have.

Wood floors was my answer, and it took me three houses to get them.

The light blonde wood floors of my new house are my favorite (though I can’t seem to keep them clean!). The painted-white trim around the baseboards, the windows and the ceiling are my second favorite.

The green-walled bedrooms upstairs are my third favorite.

And the master bathroom with the white wainscoting halfway up the walls and the white pedestal sink and the subway tile in the shower? My fourth.

The yellow walls? My fifth.

The house is sort of perfect for me.

But we’re moving out and that’s cool. It’s just a house.

Today, I’m going to rearrange some furniture, bring up a bright yellow flower picture from the basement and see what I can do about all those leaves outside (What? Rake them? Ohhhh…).

And I’m going to pull up a little nostalgia while I work. Ninth grade, anybody?

(Before they sold out. At least skip ahead to “Thunder Road.” Worth it).

12 thoughts on “The pretty yellow house

    • Of course there will! I’m just excited for it to sell now. Feeling lots of positive energy today! (And life is about more than houses and hardwood floors anyway. This I know).

  1. What a beautiful home! LOVE the wood floors and great location. Where are you going to move to…or is that still up in the air? You will find another beautiful home…

  2. A house does not make a home. Your home can and will be anywhere your love is. Although I know you love this house but I will bet that your next dream house will be even better! After all, you may want another bedroom some day! In the meantime, my home is yours if you need it. Hope you know

    • Yeah, Adam Duritz is sort of weird, but, man, is he a good performer! “Rain King” was never one of my favorite CC songs, but how can you not love it when he comes back into it after “Thunder Road” here?! OK, I’ve just totally geeked out…

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